Delray Beach HOA Sued: Cameras, Lights Too Close To Home

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

By Andrew Colton

Published February 14, 2021


BOCA RATON — When does security become a nuisance? That’s the question a Palm Beach County Circuit Judge may have to answer as part of a just-filed lawsuit involving a homeowner and his Delray Beach Homeowners Association.

Walter Orchard alleges that Palm Beach Bath and Tennis — which is in Delray Beach — just installed LED lighting and cameras that are too close to his home. There are allegedly microphones, too.

From the lawsuit: “The intense brightness of Palm Beach Bath and Tennis’ LED scheme degenerates Orchard’s use and full property enjoyment. The LED scheme not only blankets Orchard’s property but his physical residence with extreme artificial light rays. These unnatural lights rays pass through Orchard’s bedroom, his bathroom, screened in patio porch while also flowing through his family room, and pierces the north-side window of his office.”

The suit also states that the LED scheme, “induces Orchard to suffer from nausea, headaches, sleep disruption and vertigo. Since the LED (lights were installed), Orchard can no longer appreciate any regular outdoor family activity on his property.”

As for camera and microphones: “…two cameras are angled directly into Orchard’s property. These cameras are within hearing and sight distance of Orchard’s outside patio area, family room, and property line. Defendants’ measures have encompassed Orchard’s home and property with penetrating artificial LED light and now with spyware. The cameras’ malicious behavior aims to gather information about Orchard and send such data to other entities in the cloud in a way that harms Orchard, his family, and guests, violating their guaranteed right to privacy and security.”

The Orchard’s home, at 5269 Magellan in Delray Beach, is under surveillance by the HOA — according to a lawsuit.


Palm Beach Bath and Tennis did not file an immediate response. For now, the suit seeks an order requiring the HOA to remove the cameras and lights.