Lakeland resident wants name of Lake Horney changed

Article Courtesy of Channel 9

By Rick Elmhorst

Published June 12, 2016


LAKELAND -- Some Lakeland residents are embarrassed by the name of a lake and they would like to see it changed. The name of the lake is Lake Horney. The name "Lake Horney" is embarrassing to some residents, but it's up to a federal agency whether to change the name

Resident Barry Zimmerman has asked the U.S. Board of Geographic Names to change the name.

Resident MaryJo Williams actually had the front of her house changed to face another direction when she had it remodeled years ago. That way it would face another street and she could change her address. “Because it’s very embarrassing,” she said. “You turn red.”

Kim Combs moved into a home along Lake Horney several months ago. People raise an eyebrow when she tells them the lake’s name.

“They chuckle and sometimes do not so polite names back," she said.

City commissioners have decided to look into the issue by checking with residents near the lake.

“I don’t live in the neighborhood and if it bothers people it’s only fair we take a look at it,” said Commissioner Don Selvage.

The name of the lake has nothing to do with sex. It’s named after former prominent resident Julius T. Horney.

MaryJo Williams has gotten over the name of the lake. She now jokes about it with friends. However, she’s not taking a position on the name change issue.

Resident Rachel Blackstone gets a kick out of the name and doesn’t want it changed.

“Oh come on,” she said. “It’s the name of a lake. Ha, ha, ha."

It will be up to the federal agency whether to change the name.