Hiring A Landscaping Company For An HOA Community

Article Courtesy of The Osprey Observer

By Nicole Heubusch

Published February 7, 2016


A well-landscaped property will greatly enhance the curb appeal of an HOA community. However, because landscaping can be a big undertaking, HOA Board Members and residents don’t always have the time to dedicate to landscaping. This is where professional landscaping companies come in. When searching for the perfect company for your HOA community, there are a few tips to follow to make the process easier.

What Are Your Communities Landscaping Needs?

The first step in selecting a landscaping company is figuring out what kind of landscaping services your HOA community needs. Depending on the services needed, some landscaping companies are better equipped to take on larger communities, while other companies may focus solely on smaller neighborhoods. Another thing to look at is what types of services your community needs. Is your HOA community just in need of lawn mowing? Or do you need trees and bushes trimmed, and plants taken care of?

Make A Contract

Before going into business with a landscaping company, or any other vendor, draw up a contract that includes both parties agreements, and make sure both parties sign it. The contract should include all of the details of your agreement: the agreed upon fee and the time frame you are hiring them for.

What Do You Know About The Company?

It’s extremely important to learn as much as you possible can about any potential landscaping company you want to hire. Find out if they have experience working with other HOA communities that are similar to your own. What is their price range, does it fit within your budget? It’s also recommended that you ask a landscaping company for examples of their work, or references, before hiring them.