Couple petitioning to keep pride flag hung after condo HOA votes to prohibit all flags

Article Courtesy of  News Channel 8

By Jamel Lanee'

Published January 5, 2018


TARPON SPRINGS - A gay couple fighting to keep their pride flag up in their condo community plan to take their battle to court.

Richard Hughes said he'll continue to fight after the Green Dolphin Condominiums passed a proposal to prohibit unapproved flags.

Hughes filed a discrimination complaint in Pinellas County against the association last year in October.

"The case is against them for sexual orientation and for retaliation," he said.

Hughes said the proposal was bundled with another item, where residents could only vote yes or no for both.

He claims it was a scare tactic to get people to vote yes.


"It makes it so that the people really need to do the first vote because for years the president of the association was approving them to do additions and work in their places and no permits were ever pulled," he said.

Hughes claims rules were changed after he complained about other residents and their use of the common areas.

The association's attorney told us the flag rules would apply to everyone.

"If you're a Florida State or a Gator flag, you can't fly a Florida State or a Gator flag," said attorney Jonathan Ellis.

Hughes said his flag will remain up while his complaint is pending.

His attorney said he can petition or try to get permission from the board to hang his flag up on certain days.

Flags protected under the law are the only flags allowed to hang.