Yards, road flooding near condo construction site in Tampa

Article Courtesy of Channel Fox 13

By Jordan Bowen

Published July 29, 2018

TAMPA - Homeowners near the site of a new condominium complex say their streets and front yards have flooded every time it rains for several weeks. They’re demanding answers from
the county and the developer, hoping it’s not too late to fix the problem.


On Hidden Country Court in Tampa, there’s a constant stream of water, running down the street and into front yards. Residents like Diane Ayers are frustrated because the water hasn't
stopped flowing for weeks.

“It is totally eroding everything here. People can't park in their driveways. It's hard to get in and out of your house,” Ayers said.

Hillsborough County engineers are now investigating.

According to a county spokesperson, Centex -- which owns the new Rego Palms complex -- is now working to fix the problem. They say the water is coming from the development’s retention ponds
and new stormwater system.


Some of the runoff leads right into Maria Wright's pasture, where she keeps her two horses.

“They're standing in constant water and muck. Their stalls are flooded. We've been here for 20 years, we've had horses. And this is the worst it has ever been,” Wright told FOX 13 News.

A photo taken by Wright shows a large crack in one of her horses’ hooves. She says it’s a result of the constant standing water in their pasture.

She says she's already spent a few hundred dollars on veterinary bills.

Residents on Hidden Country Court, who own and maintain their road, say they want the problem fixed without having to foot the bill.

“We're looking for some answers. We're looking for some fixes. Let's get this road taken care of before we don't have a road,” Ayres said.

A spokesperson with the county says compliance staff is investigating the complaints and working with project engineers to resolve this issue, but there was not a timeline for any fixes.