Arlington homeowner fights tenants in his home without permission and a $6500 lien for mowing

Article Courtesy of The  First Coast News

By Ken Amaro

Published August 24, 2017


JACKSONVILLE - In 2006, Lynn Fulk purchased his Arlington home on Holly Point Drive. He now lives in Hawaii, but he still owns it.

"I have had it listed for sale,' Fulk said.

He is trying to sell it, but a few days ago, his realtors discovered people were living in his house.


"They had moved in already, change the locks and changed the electricity in their name," said Parvesh Saluja. “I was shocked."

He said the house was vacant after he had to evict the last tenants, but he does not know who is now living in his home.

"I did not rent it and I didn't tell them to rent it out to anybody," he said.

The unauthorized tenants are just one of his concerns. Even though the realtors have maintained the property, on July 24, a company called Golden Pylon filed a $6,500 lien against Fulk's home for mowing, landscaping and labor.

"I never authorized them to go on the property,” he said. “My realtor never authorized anyone like that to go on the property. I don't know who they are."

It is a surprise to him and a surprise to the realtors.


"I don't know who they are. I am still shocked," said Saluja.

The owner of an Arlington home filed a police complaint after he discovered people living in his home and they're not his tenants.

Golden Pylon,Inc. is a state registered business. The president is Donald Plummer. The office has an Arlington Expressway address, but the building manager said it is a virtual office and only his mail comes to the address.
The tenant did not want to talk about Golden Pylon and their lease, if there is one. We were told to leave.

"We can't let someone come in and take your property," Saluja said.

Police are now investigating what happened to Fulk's property, and he has hired a lawyer to remove the lien. He is 4,600 miles away from Jacksonville and said he's angry that someone is trying to take his property.

"It is upsetting me,” he said. “It is costing me money for something that is not my fault.”

Donald Plummer reached by phone did not have much to say about the property.

"This is a private matter and there's nothing to talk about, my attorney is dealing with it," Plummer said.

His attorney, Ray Hill, was not available for comment.

Fulk has retained the services of Zack Crabtree. Crabtree said they have started the process to get the tenants out, it is called an Unlawful Detainer Action, and then they will work to remove the lien.

Who can place a lien on your property if it is not properly maintained?

The Jacksonville Municipal Code Enforcement Division and your Homeowners Association (HOA). In this case, there is no record of any city code violations, and there is no existing HOA.