Feral hogs tearing up yards in Sun City Center

Article Courtesy of  Fox News 13

By Jordan Bowen

Published February 26, 2019


SUN CITY CENTER - A group of residents is upset and demanding answers, frustrated with wild hogs wreaking havoc on their property, digging up drainage ditches and destroying their yards.

Feral pigs are going hog wild on Sandra McCaw’s backyard.

“It’s overwhelming," McCaw said. "And it’s frustrating and this is a retirement home a place where we just want to relax.”

Their oasis is now a pigsty. Hogs dug dozens of holes in search of food, leaving behind a mess for homeowners.

A barrier wall protecting their garden was knocked down by the pigs, who also dug up a drain pipe, which is bound to cause issues the next time it rains.

“No one is offering to help," Ralph Gentile said. "Everyone is pushing the responsibility off to other people.”

So far, residents are getting very few answers.

“Everybody says oh that’s somebody else’s problem," McCaw said. "The fishing says they are a nuisance problem. It’s not a county problem. It’s not an HOA problem. It’s not a CA problem, it’s frustrating.”

Wild Hogs causing problems in Sun City Center.


We reached out to FWC and the county, but we were told it’s up residents and their homeowners' associations to fix the problem. One solution is to trap the animals, but the traps can cost up to $600 per month to rent.

Now, Sandra McCaw says she wants her retirement community to make good on their promises.

“I was led to believe the Del Webb Retirement Communities were going to meet all my needs, I mean they have a lot here to offer," McCaw said. "I just don’t want feral swine in my background.”

We reached out to the HOA president Thursday night and are still waiting to here back.