Resident Says HOA Restricted Family from Having FEMA Trailer

Article Courtesy of  My Panhandle,com

By Megan Myers  

Published December 22, 2018


ALLANTON - Hurricane Michael damaged hundreds of homes in the Panhandle. Now, some residents are receiving FEMA trailers while they repair their property.

"I'm hoping to have somewhere to live, I'm hoping to have somewhere to stay," said Brylecia Micalin, Bay County resident.

A FEMA trailer has been set up on Micalin's property so that her family will have a place to stay while her home is being repaired. As the trailer was being installed by FEMA, she said the Keep Sandy Creek Beautiful Home Owners Association stopped by.

"They said the trailer wasn't allowed, I asked them three times in a row are you sure I can't have this trailer, and they said I'm sorry the rules are the rules," said Micalin. The association president says he did get involved and asked the FEMA workers for a permit.


"Well they could not produce a permit, later on we found out there was one, so we have no problem with the trailer being placed in the lot once we found out it was a FEMA trailer," said Pot Ross, HOA president.

A developer who recently purchased several properties in the area contacted the HOA.

"He was worried that a trailer in the neighborhood would devalue the property that he's about to construct," said Ross. Normally the HOA does not allow trailers.

"Obviously with the emergency declaration that we found out it triumphed that and his concerns okay we addressed them but we're going to side with our homeowner who needs a place to live," said Ross.

Several days after the incident, HOA members and the homeowner are not on the same page.

"They said the workers were allowed to come back but they didn't say okay the trailer can stay," said Micalin. Ross said the HOA told Micalin that she could keep the trailer on the property. The FEMA trailer is locked and Micalin said she has not received a key and her family is basically living out of a suitcase.