HOA suing Pasco County over canal fix

Land O'Lakes residents seeing backyards erode away

Article Courtesy of The  ABC Action News WFTS Tampa Bay

By Erik Waxler

Published July 23, 2017



LAND O' LAKES -- Jeff Cole comes out to check on his backyard just about every day. And his anxiety is up since a sinkhole destroyed two homes just three miles from here.

“When I purchased the home I had no idea that this was an issue,” he said.

The problem in the Plantation Palms subdivision is not a sinkhole, but erosion eating away at the land behind a group of homes along a canal.

It’s about a 30 foot drop down.

In recent years, there have been attempts to stop the erosion.

But land continues to sink, taking trees and even a deck with it.

Mario Caldarola just moved here six weeks ago.

“The previous owner moved his fence in off the drainage easement. But his old fence post since we moved in they are foot further down,” he said.

He said while he knew about the problems, he’d hoped to see more action by now.

“Now the county is involved or they are not involved. There’s supposedly a lawsuit and then oh we can’t do anything because it’s the rainy season,” he said.