A Safer Community

Article Courtesy of  The Doral Family Journal

By Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca    

Published May 9, 2021


With a flourishing City also comes opportunities to work with the community on innovative solutions to increase safety and quality of life. The City of Doral continues to work diligently to implement programs that support our local businesses and the residents with increased security. With the support of Mayor and Council, the Doral Police Department is proud to launch the “SafeCam” program for residents and businesses to register their security cameras, so that police may contact them to access footage to help solve crimes.

This groundbreaking program feeds into the Real-Time Operations Center, which makes for more efficient and effective policing. SafeCam is free and confidential and citizens can unsubscribe from the program at any time.

Working with Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), SafeCam is a crime prevention tool that helps deter crime and aides investigations. This provides neighborhoods and businesses in Doral the opportunity to share with Doral Police access of the security cameras that view public areas like sidewalks, streets, and parking lots, for the purpose of observing, interdicting, and obtaining documentation of illegal activity.


This service also enables first responders with real-time information in emergency situations. Additionally, the features assist with missing person cases, helps with subject description, identification of vehicles or weapons, among other benefits.

Current leaders of the City of Doral remain committed to keeping public safety a top priority. In 2020, Mayor and Council dedicated approximately 40% of the city budget to Police, that allowed the hiring of 19 new officers, 13 new service aides, K-9 additions, and an update of fleet and gear. Recent City initiatives that also leverage the use of technology for greater results are the officer body-worn cameras, as well as an enhanced smart grid License Plate Readers along Doral streets.

Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca, a champion of public safety initiatives stated, “We are proud to introduce this program to further improve safety measures for our families and community. It is also a smart and responsible way to protect our brave men and women of law enforcement.”

Doral resident, Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich, stated “A program like this is yet another reason why my husband and I have chosen to raise our family in Doral. As a former Miami-Dade prosecutor and a practicing defense attorney, I have seen firsthand the value that video can bring to any investigation. The more tools we can give our local law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe, the higher the chances justice will be served.”

For information and/or to register to SafeCam, please call the Doral Police Department Real-Time Operations Center at (305) 593-6699