Jupiter community crackdown nets weird threat against association

Article Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

By Kim Miller

Published May 7, 2014


Leonard Regolizio, president of Lakes at the Bluffs Homeowners Association in Jupiter, said his board was just trying to tidy up the community, writing rule violations, when a threat appeared on the side of the racquetball court.


“DIE HOA,” it read, spray painted in big black letters.


“None of the other boards enforced any rules,” said Regolizio, 64, who has lived at the Bluffs for four years.


“We’re trying to improve things, we’ve got new plantings, and we wanted to get people in compliance.”


So the violation committee started issuing citations for things such as doors painted different colors.


The incident, which occurred in March, was written up in a Jupiter Police Department report.


Regolizio said he has a hint at who may have done the vandalism to the racquetball courts, but there’s no proof. Whoever the culprit is was smart enough to turn off the main electrical power switch to the main office and security cameras, which otherwise would have caught the offenders on video.

Tension between homeowners and their homeowners associations is nothing new. Palm Beach County has more associations than any other county in the state, according to a census taken last year.


Whether you’re a homeowner or a board officer, it can be no fun on either side of the street. “Tell me about it, I know,” said Regolizio.


The “DIE HOA” was cleaned up the next day at a cost of about $200, according to the police report.