Trapper catches coyote in West Boca

Article Courtesy of The Sun Sentinel

By Brian Ballou

Published June 14, 2015


Bob Bernhardt, president of the Timberwalk Homeowners Association, said residents are relieved but should remain vigilant.


He said the attacks were likely carried out by this one coyote but there are others living not far away. However, he said he believes those animals appear to prefer keeping their distance.
"We're hopeful it's the rogue coyote. It's possible that it is, but only time will tell," he said. "We will be keeping a good eye out and an ear to the situation."

The first attack came a week ago Saturday, when a 4-year-old Yorkie named Lola was snatched by a coyote about 6:45 a.m. in the Boca Winds community. That dog is presumed dead by its owners.

Then on Tuesday, a woman was walking her mixed breed dog, Kiwi, in the Timberwalk community when a coyote snatched it. Neighbor Chris Lowenthal chased the coyote across Judge Winikoff Road, through thorny bushes and over a fence, according to Bernhardt.

Lowenthal said the coyote was gripping the dog with its mouth but finally dropped it. Lowenthal then grabbed the pet and returned it to its owner.

Catching the female coyote wasn't easy. Zambrano says in his 12 years of experience, he has only caught one before because they are smart and skittish.

Zambrano said the coyote was coming from an area beyond the Hillsborough Canal near the Palm Beach/Broward County line.

Telltale tracks revealed it had roamed the area under the cloak of night, even with the traps in place. On Friday night, a couple of raccoons took the bait, but no coyote.

The female coyote discovered in the trap Sunday about 9 a.m. looked sick and emitted a strong odor that led Zambrano to believe her health was rapidly declining. The animal didn't have a fear of human and was aggressive.

Zambrano said his time has been consumed attempting to catch the coyote and now he's ready for a cold beer and a good night's sleep.
he scent of store-bought coyote urine and smoked turkey neck did the trick. A female coyote was lured into one of four traps placed in two neighborhoods where two pet dogs have been attacked by the wild predators..

Trapper Paul Zambrano, hired to rid the Timberwalk and Boca Winds communities of coyotes, found the female Sunday morning. It was later euthanized by Animal Control.

"I'm happy to give the residents peace of mind again, I know it has been a scary few days for a lot of them," said Zambrano, 39, of Jupiter, owner of Bandit Wildlife Management.