Homeowners Association Confusion

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 6 NBC Miami

By Myriam Masihy

Published April 26, 2021



A group of homeowners is facing a $500 fine for not having a homeowners association. Consumer Investigator Myriam Masihy looked into the case.


For many years everything was fine until the homeowners received a letter from the city of Sweetwater saying that there supposed to have a homeowners' Association registered with the state.

The community was built 30 years ago and the developer designed it as a homeowners' association built with narrow streets that do not meet municipal code requirements.

The community was initially registered by the developer in 1988 as Alimar Homes Association, Inc., but is listed simce 1992 as administratively dissolved.

The city was contacted by homeowners asking for repair of the streets.

But the city of Sweetwater is unwilling to ay for the repair of private streets.

The solution to the problem: The homeowners have to reactivate the homeowners' association, levy a special assessment in order to repair and maintain the streets.

The homeowners have 30 days to notify the city's code compliance department to show that they have started procedures to reactivate the homeowners' association.