Management Company Boss to Homeowner: “I’ll Pi . . on You!”


If you listen to the tape, you will hear some very explicit words. Make sure your wife and kids are not anywhere near your computer!


Article Courtesy of Gossip Extra

By Jose Lambiet

Published March 11, 2014


PALM BEACH GARDENS — This will resonate with many who live under the regime of South Florida homeowners association!

A resident of a Palm Beach Gardens community whose car was about to be towed from his driveway over the weekend called the owner of the neighborhood’s management company at home about 10 p.m. Saturday — and things didn’t go well.

Steve Inglis (Bristol Management photo)
Several times during the hilarious conversation, Bristol Management Services owner Steve Inglis allegedly threatened to inflict excruciatingly painful harm to the Vision Drive homeowner’s genitals, among other things.

What Inglis didn’t seem to understand when he phoned the homeowner’s business line is that the call would be recorded “for quality purposes.”

And now, the recording of the call’s trending on YouTube!

Neither the homeowner, whose identity is unclear, nor Inglis, whose company website describes customer service as “a beacon of light,” are returning calls.

But Gossip Extra is told the whole thing started when the resident found a yellow sticker on his car late Saturday.

The sticker was applied by a private security guard who noticed that the yearly tag on the license plate of the homeowner’s car was expired.

Why a private security guard is citing someone for expired tag — thus doing the job of a legitimate law enforcement officer — is yet another South Florida story!

But the sticker announced that the car would be towed from the homeowner’s driveway if the tag wasn’t renewed within 24 hours.

Since the resident wouldn’t be able to renew his registration before Monday, he managed to find Inglis home number and called him to make sure Inglis knew he was working on it.

That’s when all hell broke loose, even though the homeowner appeared to remain calm and composed and fairly polite.

BTW, the job of a management company is to collect residents’ dues, maintain the common areas and enforce the rules.

WARNING — The following audio tape contains extremely foul language. Don’t listen if you can’t handle macho-man posturing:

Click here to hear the phone call!

COMMENT: As much as I understand that somebody is feeling disturbed by being called at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night, this insulting tirade is definitely going too far, especially coming from a licensed CAM who is supposedly a professional? If you allow such stickers being put on cars the folks in charge shouldn't wonder if they get phone calls late at night! Who likes his/her car to be towed?