Woman attacks HOA president over neighborhood watch, deputies say

Article Courtesy of The Sun Sentinel

By Kate Jacobson

Published May 8, 2014


A woman looking to curb crime in her neighborhood ended up behind bars, after deputies say she slammed the homeowner association president's arm in a door over funding a neighborhood watch group.


Heather Roberts, 32, went to the home of her neighborhood's HOA president just before 11 a.m. on Thursday to discuss paying law enforcement officers to patrol the neighborhood as part of a crime watch initiative, according to the arrest report.

Roberts told the president their Oakland Park Mobile Home Park, located in the 1100 block of Handy Oak Circle in unincorporated West Palm Beach, was experiencing an uptick in crime, deputies said.

But the president said the association didn't have the money to do that. He told deputies he raised his voice at Roberts when he told her the idea wouldn't work.

Roberts, who was calm when describing her idea outside the president's house, became enraged after the president raised his voice, according to the report. She started cursing and stood at his doorway, keeping him from shutting his front door, deputies said.

He asked her to leave, but she refused, according to the report. Finally, she went to leave and shut the door on the man's arm.

Heather Roberts, 32, is charged with battery, assault and burglary to an occupied dwelling. (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/ May 2, 2014)

When deputies arrived, she told them she never tried to get into the president's house. She told deputies crime has been a problem in the neighborhood, and said the president was a liar and that he had done "bad things" in the community.

The president showed deputies video of Roberts trying to enter his home, according to the report. She denied touching him, and then told deputies it was actually the president who had struck her, according to the report.
Roberts is charged with battery, assault and burglary of an occupied residence. She was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Friday.