Lake Nona woman says HOA is stopping her from having alligator removed from backyard

Article Courtesy of WFTV Channel 9 Orlando

By Sarabeth Ackerman

Published June 15, 2018

ORANGE COUNTY - The Lake Nona woman who saw an alligator just feet from her 6-year-old found out there's nothing she can do to have it removed.

Mating season and her homeowners association stopped her from doing anything about the animal.

Couple realizes alligator moved patio furniture in the middle of the night

Nicole Mojica’s video of the gator went viral last week. She was recording her son playing with an inflatable gator on a Slip n' Slide, and just as she was finished filming, she noticed a 4-foot gator was in the background of the shot the entire time.

She said it isn't the first sighting.

"There was a gator two houses down at the front door, scratching at their door and sitting on their front porch. It had to be removed. I'd like this one to be removed, too,” she said.

Mojica said she contacted her HOA, and someone came out to her backyard and looked around.

According to Mojica, her HOA told her nothing can be done since it's mating season and the play equipment in her yard likely attracted the gator.

A Lake Nona family was unknowingly playing just feet away from a real alligator.


Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said if an alligator is larger than 4 feet in length and poses a threat to people, pets or property, it can be removed.

All you would have to do is contact the nuisance alligator hotline, but in Mojica's case, since she has an HOA, trappers cannot remove it without the HOA's approval.

Mojica said she’s seen the alligator again since she recorded the video.

Channel 9 contacted her HOA but has not heard back.