SEVEN BRIDGES DELRAY: Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of HOA, Expect Appeal

Ruling In $7M Suit Against Seven Bridges.
Order On Second Count Pending, But Language Favors HOA.

HOA Not In The Clear. Appeal Almost Certain. State Court Action Possible. Settlement Talks Continue. Could Drag On For Years.

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

By Staff Report

Published May 17, 2021


DELRAY BEACH — A summary judgment has been issued in the federal housing discrimination case against Seven Bridges in Delray Beach. But the HOA is not in the clear. The judgment isn’t final, an appeal is likely, and state court action in the case is expected.

A homeowner is suing the HOA for $7M after she claims she was discriminated against for not being Jewish. We have previously reported on the issues in the case which revolve around an alleged altercation on a tennis court, facebook posts, claims of anti-semitism and anti-Christianity, allegations of selective enforcement of HOA rules and fines. All issues are discussed in the ruling which is published, in its entirety, below.

U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks is giving the plaintiff — Deborah LaGrasso — seven days to file additional material. Sources tell that settlement conferences continue — as a financial resolution now could prevent continued, costly action.

An appeal would be filed in the 11th circuit and could drag on for years. Any state court action could involve a separate set of issues, all arising from the same incidents. Separate action could be filed against homeowner Rachel Tannenholz who is accused of instigating some of the issues leading to the lawsuit. Her alleged role is discussed in the Judge’s ruling.

Seven Bridges in Delray Beach, Florida.