Federal Judge Slaps Delray’s Seven Bridges, Litigants LaGrasso and Tannenholz

This Is All Real, Not The Long Lost ”Cadyshack 3: Delray HOA”

Article Courtesy of  Boca News

By Andrew Colton

Published October 2, 2020


DELRAY BEACH — Sometimes you don’t have to make a federal case out of a federal case. That’s more or less the loud message sent today by U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks who denied a joint request by the Seven Bridges Homeowners Association, Deborah LaGrasso and Rachel Tannenholz to delay their three-way over claims of anti-semitism, harassment and violations of federal housing law.

For those who have tuned in late, we encourage you to read our previous coverage. In a nutshell: Seven Bridges is a gated community in West Delray Beach. It’s not a country club but sometimes thinks that it is. Many of its residents are seen driving golf carts, although there are no golf cart paths, let alone an actual golf course. It’s unclear to where these homeowners are driving their golf carts, or why.

Seven Bridges does have a high profile tennis program. Homeowner Deborah LaGrasso claims that her kids were told they couldn’t use the tennis courts by the grownup version of “mean girls.” When LaGrasso went to investigate, she allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with one or some of the “mean girls.” She was later fined by the HOA and banned from using HOA amenities for a year. Angry, she allegedly posted mean things on Facebook which upset not just the “mean girls” but others who don’t believe the first amendment covers an HOA member posting bad things about an HOA. One of those people is Rachel Tannenholz, another homeowner, who allegedly told LaGrasso that she should move out because she’s not Jewish. LaGrasso claims — and has submitted to the court — documentation suggesting that harassment continued for quite some time. When LaGrasso complained to the HOA, LaGrasso claims that the HOA did nothing. That’s the federal part of the suit. LaGrasso claims Tannenholz harassed her and, knowing about it, the Seven Bridges HOA took no action, violating federal housing laws.

Delray’s Seven Bridges was heavily advertised in New York City and on Long Island — complete with home values.


Here’s a quick recap of who allegedly wrote what:

LaGrasso claims Tannenholz wrote: “You moved in somewhere which is 80 percent Jewish and you do not belong here… If I was hated as much as you I would move out… Move the f—k out, it’s over for you.”

Tannenholz claims LaGrasso wrote: “Seven Bridges community stripper wants us to move out according to her last post. OH MY those platform shoes are horrendous…must be so hard to type and dance on the pole at the same time.”

In today’s installment, U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks denied a three way request to delay the trial until next summer. All parties claim there are so many witnesses that experts that they can’t possibly move forward in early Spring. The judge, in a strongly worded document, said “no,” suggesting that he doesn’t believe this woman vs. woman vs. HOA battle is worthy of tying up the federal courts for an extended period of time.

Root of bizarre dueling residential lawsuits at west of Boca community - tennis court time