SPRAY WHAT?! Man takes drastic action after homeowners association moans about his dead bushes – and it has people in hysterics

Article Courtesy of  The US SUN

By Abigail Wilson

Published November 4, 2022


A MAN has decided to take drastic action after the Homeowners Association moaned about the dead bushes in his front garden.

The bushes, that were once bright green, had since died and turned brown.


But the man wasn’t going to let the Homeowners Association's moans about the bushes get him down, so came up with a cunning plan to fix the dead bushes.

A video has been shared on Facebook, showing off the man’s clever solution and it’s left people in hysterics.

Shared on the Facebook page ‘Slang’, that has a whopping 79k followers, the social media user uploaded the video with the caption ‘He’s currently at the store buying a brighter green’.

The social media user said: “Our bushes died and our HOA [Homeowners Association] is on it so this man decided to spray paint them.

“I’m crying”.

The Homeowners Association – HOAs for short – are private organisations that oversee the management of some residential communities.

HOAs establish sets of rules and regulations called bylaws for those living in the community to follow.

As a result of complaints from the Homeowners Association, the man had to come up with a solution to fix his dead bushes.

But instead of ripping them out and planting new ones, or going out with a watering can in an attempt to bring them back to life, in the video, we see a man using a green spray paint to change the colour of his dead, brown bushes.

In a matter of seconds, the bushes are green again, with barely any faff or effort involved.

The video has clearly made people laugh and has quickly racked up 85.2k likes, 5.6k comments and 3.7k shares.

People thought the technique was hilarious and were quick to express this in the comments.

The man decided to spray the dead bushes with a green spray paint and it's left people in hysterics


One person said: “Ohhhh I’m following you now lol, that’s a boss move. Something I would do”.

Another added: “I think it's hilarious!”

A third commented: “Works great on brown patches of grass too”.

Meanwhile, many people revealed that they would never buy a home under a Homeowners Association.

One user admitted: “Screw buying a house where someone tells me what to do, if y’all can afford that you can afford a peaceful place in the country. Love this video”.

A second agreed: “HOAs suck. Ours told people they couldn't have any rocks as filler in the front. Guess what they put in the dirt area that gets muddy when it rains? Fricken small rocks. They are unreal, can't win”.

A third noted: “I would never live in a HOA. I could never allow people who don’t pay my mortgage or bills to tell me what to do with my property”.