Homeowner rebuilding after Ian battles HOA not allowing trailer on property

Article Courtesy of  FOX 4

By Kaitlin Knapp

Published February 10, 2023



LEE COUNTY — After Hurricane Ian, many are turning to trailers as they rebuild. One homeowner is hitting a snag with her HOA. They are not allowing a trailer on property, causing frustration and sadness.

"We ripped up the lament flooring, we put tarps up and sheets up. As soon as you kick the A/C on you have more dust," said Samantha Kellum. "It's hard to look around and see it look like this."

Kellum lives in Gladiolus Preserve and asked them if she can put a trailer on her property as she rebuilds.

"I emailed the HOA and 45 minutes later I got a no, the board has decided not to allow trailers." That's the response Kellum said she got from the person representing the HOA. "No compassion from them I guess is the word."

She asked again recently and got the same response. The person stated trailers are not allowed and provided the bylaws of the HOA. Fox 4 also reached out to the HOA representative. The man declined to comment and provided public documents of the bylaws submitted to the Lee County Clerk's Office. It states trailers are not allowed, unless in a garage.

Fox 4 Investigates' Ryan Kruger looks into Hurricane Ian's impact this tax season.


We brought this to Gov. Ron DeSantis during his last visit to Fort Myers.

"I would just tell people be reasonable, be accommodating and just understand this is just once in a generation type of situation," he explained.

Kellum says she can afford her own trailer with insurance money, but still does not have a place to put it. At this point, Kellum says she's going to continue to look for a rental home, though it's been hard to find anything.

"It’s heartbreaking because I love this house," she said. "I need a place to go."

During her search, she's going to stay home and continue the rebuilding process, which contractors tell her will take at least three to five months.

"You just shove it down and just go on with life," she said.