LAWSUIT CLAIM: Boca Pointe President Illegally Ordered Removal Of $30K Monument
President Of Panache At Boca Pointe Faces Lawsuit From Vice President.

Article Courtesy of  BocaNews Now

By Staff Report

Published April 13, 2022


BOCA RATON — The president of the Panache At Boca Pointe Condominium Owners Association allegedly ordered the removal of the “Panache” entrance monument and spent nearly $30,000 to replace it — all without a vote or Board approval.

Now, Chandra Stewart — the Panache at Boca Pointe COA Board President — is named in a lawsuit against the COA filed by the Association’s Vice President. The filing suggests the act violated both Florida Law and the laws and bylaws of the Condominium Association.

The suit, just filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, claims that Stewart unilaterally ordered the destruction of the “monument” sign which is considered a “common element” that requires Board approval. The suit claims that Stewart initially stated that any replacement or alteration would be subject to Board approval, but ultimately entered into a contract herself.


“At a board meeting held on November 17, 2020, the President, for the very first time, made a motion ‘to approve the monument upgrade once final proposals are received and reviewed.” The Board approved the motion. But on her very own, according to the suit, Stewart entered into an agreement with “Concept Builders.”

“On December 29th, 2020, Ms. Stewart unilaterally and without notice to the community, a vote by the community members of a Board vote, awarded the scope of work to Concept Builders, Inc.” The total cost: $35,000.

Filed by Panache at Boca Pointe Vice President Ian Chaikin — who is an attorney in Florida, New York, and New Jersey — the suit asks for a judge to determine if Stewart’s actions were illegal. If so, Chaikin wants a replacement of the new monument with one similar to the original. Attorneys for Panache at Boca Pointe have placed its insurance company on notice.