Landscaping battle rages between home owner, association

Article Courtesy of  Channel 12 News CBS

By Lena Salzbank

Published January 26, 2022


PALM BEACH COUNTY — Some neighbors in one Boca feel their condominium association is abusing its power and retaliating against residents who protest.

Cindy Schaeffer says her landscaping was ripped from the ground on Friday two days after she made comments to the board claiming the president should step down.

"When I came home they were ripping out every single piece of landscaping," said Schaeffer. "They took out an 8-foot magnolia tree that they planted and a sabal tree that was close to ten feet."

Schaeffer says thousands of dollars worth of plants were removed without notice. leaving her yard in shambles and without privacy.

"I sent an email and I said the president should step down and someone more responsible should step in, and in vengeance, all of my gardening was ripped out."

Chandra Stewart, the President of Panache at Boca Pointe Condominiums Association, is telling a different story.

Stewart said in an interview with CBS12 News, "The only property that you own is inside your home, we did not take out a lot of trees we took out some trees but what they call trees those are actually hedges and bushes."

Stewart also says the board checks with an arborist as well as Palm Beach County before chopping away trees.

Some neighbors in one Boca feel their condominium association is abusing its power and retaliating against residents who protest reports CBS12's


According to the bylaws, anything outside the walls of the unit is defined as a "Common element." Stewart says the board of directors and the landscaping committee decided it was time to clean up the overgrown landscaping so residents could see the street and stop sign.

"it was a long-term assessment because this homeowner, they keep sending the landscapers away," said Stewart.

2 homes out of 79 properties were "cleaned up" this week.

CBS 12 News asked why only two homes were cleaned up and Stewart explained.

"I have never in my life been a vengeful person, I am fair across the board it's not a popularity contest," said Stewart. "It looked like a jungle back there, and if Comcast and FPL had to get through they would have to go around the house."

Stewart also says new plants will be placed in the yard on Monday, allowing for a more uniform look throughout the neighborhood.

"There are going to be some plants but they will be in uniform with the rest of the community," said Stewart. "We are also getting new paint, and we love landscaping but we want to make sure you can see the paint and the homes."

Panache at Boca Pointe was scheduled to have an election in February but no residents are currently on the ballot to run against the current board.