Guy Is Stunned After Receiving A Complaint From The HOA After A Child Burned Their Hand On His Hot Car

Article Courtesy of  Bored Panda

By Adelaide Ross and Ilona Baliūnaitė

Published August 5, 2022


If you have never lived in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association, you might not be aware of their reputation: being notorious for keeping their residents on a tight leash. From having the length of their grass monitored to needing to keep their trash cans off the street minutes after the truck has come by, homeowners in an HOA area are used to regulations. And while many people have complained online about their HOAs going too far before, somehow these organizations still manage to think up new ways to frustrate and inconvenience their residents.


Last month, one Florida resident named Christian shared on TikTok that they had received a complaint from their HOA about something even more ridiculous than they could have ever imagined. Below, you can hear Christian tell the full story and decide if you agree that their HOA was getting too power hungry. Then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda piece featuring insane HOA rules, check out this article next.

This Florida resident recently shared online how they received a ridiculous complaint from their neighborhood HOA

HOAs are no strangers to online criticism, as many have been called out before for enforcing strict rules on residents and meeting dissent with swift penalties and exorbitant fines. They all set their own fees, but these can vary from $100 a year in less expensive neighborhoods to nearly $600 a month in certain parts of New York. If a resident loves living in their neighborhood so much that they are willing to fork over hundreds of extra dollars a month, so be it. But paying someone to control every aspect of your home and limit how you are allowed to landscape, paint your front door, where you keep your trash bins, etc. just does not seem like a fair deal for many people.

Christian also mentions in their video that this is a “brand new HOA issue”, implying that there have been issues in the past. They might not have ever wanted to live in an area with a Homeowner’s Association in the first place, but sometimes it is inevitable. There are about 310,000 HOA-governed neighborhoods in the United States, so it can prove a difficult task if a resident wants to avoid one.


But according to Spectrum Association Management, there are certain neighborhoods where membership is actually optional. And if you are living in an area that did not have an HOA but they decide to implement one after you have already bought your home, they cannot require you to join.


Regardless of what Christian’s personal opinions are about HOAs, the people in charge of their neighborhood cannot hold Christian responsible for a car being hot when it is obviously outside in the Florida summer heat. Whoever was with the child that burned their hand should have kept them off of Christian’s property in the first place, and the HOA should not have listened when a complaint was made about this. What do you think about this madness?

Viewers unanimously agree that this complaint, and HOAs in general, are ridiculous.