Gator attack that killed Collier County man's dog prompts warning from condo association

Article Courtesy of WINK NEWS

By Rachel Cox-Rosen

Published October 4, 2021



People walking their dogs is a common sight everywhere, especially at West Wind Condo Estates in Collier County.

Veteran Tim Duffy and his best buddy Abby would ride his scooter with Abby trotting next to him.

But not Monday.

Instead, Duffy’s scooter sat empty near this memorial for Abby.

“It was just an unfortunate accident,” West Wind Condo Estates Association President Susan Brouwer said. “Mr. Duffy fell from his chair. And dropped the leash.”

When Duffy fell from his scooter Thursday his precious dog ran to the canal near their home. Tragedy struck when an alligator attacked and killed Abby.

Now Duffy sits in the hospital recovering from a broken leg and a broken heart.


The attack prompted Brouwer to warn neighbors to stop feeding wildlife and to keep their dogs away from canals.

“The water is high now,” Brouwer said. “The alligators can walk from the canal right up on the land.”

Dog owners in the neighborhood are heeding this advice.

“I feel sorry for the guy losing his dogs because I have two dogs myself,” West Wind resident Hugh Campbell said. “We don’t walk the dog near the canal no more.”

Resident Robert Hoyles said: “I am not happy about it so I don’t go near the lake or the canals with my dog.”

Because no one wants to make another memorial for another beloved member of the family.