Has your HOA filled out a right of entry form for the current hurricane season?

Article Courtesy of  NBC Channel 2 Collier County

By Erin O'Brien

Published June 9, 2021


COLLIER COUNTY — Now that the 2021 Hurricane Season is underway, it’s the perfect time to get yourself prepared for a stormy summer.

Something you can do to help you prepare is ask your Homeowner’s Association to complete a right of entry form for the 2021 Hurricane Season.

The form will allow Collier County Debris Collection contractors to enter gated communities and clean up after storms pass.

Filling out the form is essential if you want storm-generated debris to be removed from your yard.

If you do not complete the Right of Entry Form, your community will not be eligible for debris collection from Collier County vendors.


Also, completion of the Right of Entry Form does not guarantee debris collection from County vendors. The County is not obligated to collect storm debris.