Titusville HOA forced to clean up trash-ridden property

Article Courtesy of  Spectrum 13 News

By Greg Pallone

Published April 1, 2023



TITUSVILLE — The city of Titusville is cracking down on people who are coming onto a neighborhood’s private property and creating a mess.

A big clean-up has already started, but there’s much more work to be done, trying to get rid of the trash and debris field that’s a football field long, as well as making sure transients and homeless move along.

The property in question is owned by the La Cita community, a 1000-home development that’s one of the cornerstones of Titusville.

Resident Chip Gillespie lives across the pond from the property.

“You don’t see it because of all the undergrowth and I think the people staying there want to make sure nobody sees them,” Gillespie said.

The La Cita Homeowner’s Association recently contacted code enforcement about the issue.

What they found cloaked behind the trees and bushes was a debris field 100 yards long. Things like rotted bags of food, weathered kids’ toys, a worn out rug and lots of dirty clothes.

Even worse, there were used syringes scattered across the ground.

Debris that spans over 100 yards long is being cleaned up in the La Cita neighborhood in Titusville.


“They hired a personal cleaning crew to come in and clean up this area and it’s going to take another couple days for them to do it because it’s so massive,” says Lt. Timothy Werring of the Titusville Police Department.

Police trespassed several homeless or transient people living on the property.

“We need to make sure we are here for the residents, but we are also here for people in need, so we are trying to do a bit of a balancing act,” says Lt. Werring.

Police are also letting them know about housing and other resources available in the city.

Gillespie is grateful for a proactive approach from law enforcement.

“It can only help,” he said.

Police have issued a blanket trespass warning to prevent people from coming onto the property and causing more damage.