Cape Coral homeowner claims construction project causes flooding on her property

Article Courtesy of  NBC 2 News Coral Gables

By Elisia Alonso

Published June 7, 2023



Barbara Tomlinson, who lives on SE 14th Street, watched as stormwater took over her lawn on Tuesday.

“I don’t need to have flood insurance, you know, and that’s another thing that I’m concerned about if this continues on. Am I now going to have to get flood insurance?” said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said construction crews finished up work last week on a new build across the street.

She says they dug the drainage ditch too deep and are not able to reach neighboring drains.

“Where the water runs off – it’s running off their property out of their big pipe onto my property. Nobody else got it but me,” said Tomlinson.


It’s not just her home Tomlinson is worried about; burrowing owls have made homes near the problem area.

“It’s a fairly new family in that one. They just had their little babies, so I am concerned about them,” said Tomlinson.

With many new builds happening in the Cape, she is worried this could happen to more people.

“I don’t know who I’m supposed to contact to see if I can have this corrected before something happens and if there’s anybody else having this issue. I want to get some information out there so we all know what to do,” said Tomlinson.

The city asked anyone experiencing stormwater issues to report them by calling 311.

Officials said in most cases, responsibility for drainage issues falls on the property owner where the problems are coming from.