SEVEN BRIDGES SECRET: Homeowners Outgraged After Board Secretly Settles Suit Against GL Homes

Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit For Construction Defects In Delray Beach Community Settled Without Word To Homeowners.

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

By Seven Bridges Bureau

Published September 1, 2023


We note Seven Bridges just settled a multimillion-dollar federal discrimination lawsuit filed against the Board of Directors by a homeowner, and continues to be engaged in multiple other lawsuits — according to the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts.


For the second time in two weeks, homeowners in the gated West Delray Beach community of Seven Bridges are outraged after its elected board of directors made a major decision behind closed doors — and failed to announce that decision to anyone. In the latest example of questionable conduct, the board settled its 558 lawsuit against builder G.L. Homes. The suit sought millions of dollars after alleging shoddy construction throughout the community. A “558” lawsuit is traditionally filed after a builder “turns over” a community to its homeowners association. The Seven Bridges lawsuit was first filed in 2022.

Palm Beach County records, obtained by, reveal the suit was settled on August 22nd. Sources tell that there has been no announcement made by the Board of Directors to the owners of 701 homes in the community, each valued at more than $1M, as of Saturday afternoon. The lawsuit alleged that G.L. Homes cut corners on approximately eighty items. You can read the list filed as part of the lawsuit right here.

Seven Bridges in Delray Beach, FL, is again in the spotlight.


“This board has a transparency problem,” said a frustrated homeowner contacting “This is the second time in days that these people have made decisions behind closed doors, without any community announcement.”

The settlement, reached five days ago but kept quiet for days, follows a decision by the same board of directors to terminate the community’s on-site restaurant. The decision, made during an unannounced closed-door meeting, has led several homeowners to suggest that a complaint with Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation against board members is imminent. The Board, under the legal guidance of Sax Sachs Caplan, maintains that its actions are legal.

Homeowners are also questioning why the Board of Directors appears to have slowed a major security effort in the community known as a “Traffic Enforcement Agreement” with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The agreement, which would permit PBSO to patrol the community, was initiated by a previous board of directors — according to sources familiar with the situation. But while acknowledging a crime issue in the community, the current board apparently has paused the request for armed deputies to patrol and issue moving violations. Car thefts are frequent in the community. Several other area gated communities have “traffic enforcement agreements” in place.