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Article Courtesy ofThe Tampa Bay Times

By Samantha J. Gross and Ana Ceballos

Published December 11, 2020

After three long days of a painstaking recount, early results on Thursday showed Latinas for Trump co-founder Ileana Garcia leading Democratic incumbent Jos Javier Rodrguez in the race for Senate District 37 by a mere 34 votes.

In a video posted shortly after the recount was done, Rodrguez conceded and called for an investigation into the race, raising concerns about the influence of a third-party candidate backed by dark money who received more than 6,300 votes in an election decided by a few dozen out of more than 215,000.

Democracy requires transparency, he said in the video. In order to achieve that, I believe this election requires a full investigation so that those who may have violated the law are held to account and so that such tactics are not used in future elections.

Rodrguezs loss is a stunning blow to Senate Democrats, who went into the election cycle hoping to flip three seats to reach parity in the chamber and ended up losing one seat, a balance that will make it tougher for them to influence the GOPs legislative agenda in the near future.

Democrats say the loss is an indictment of Floridas weak campaign finance laws that allow a shadow candidate and half a million dollars in dark money to infiltrate the race, siphoning votes all while technically following the rules.

Our election laws are just not strong enough, incoming Senate minority leader Gary Farmer said Thursday.

Chair of the Miami-Dade Democrats and lawyer Steve Simeonidis looks closely at a ballot during a manual recount for Senate District 37 between Republican Ileana Garcia and Democrat Jose Javier Rodriguez at the Miami-Dade Elections Department on Thursday, November 12, 2020, in Miami, Florida.

Republicans, however, said Rodrguezs loss should be added to the litany of introspection Florida Democrats need to explore in the coming months in the wake of stinging defeats this November, including the loss of five seats in the Florida House.

The results will be certified by Secretary of State Laurel Lee on Friday, which is the deadline for military and overseas ballots to be counted.

A legislative tug-of-war

In 2016, Rodrguez unseated three-term Republican Sen. Miguel Daz de la Portilla, a member of Miami-Dades powerful Cuban-American political family, with a three-point advantage. His victory in the redrawn seat was made possible, in large part, to the heavy backing from the party and wealthy donors and President Donald Trumps poor showing in Miami-Dade County.

At the time, Senate Republican leaders blamed Daz de la Portillas defeat on the unpopularity of Trump in the county, which he lost to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by about 30 percentage points.

Trump is once again linked to the outcome of the race, but for the exact opposite reasons.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bidens poor showing in Miami-Dade allowed Trump to cut into his 2016 margin by more than 20 points. Bidens lackluster performance let Trump make gains in Senate District 37 and opened the door for Garcias victory in the Hispanic-majority district.

Protecting Rodrguezs seat was always a top priority for Senate Democrats, who wanted to improve their chances of gaining ground in Tallahassee.

The Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of Republican Senators, ended up outworking Senate Democrats. It ramped up efforts ahead of the election, and spent $137,260 in October on polling, consulting, research, staff and phone banking to help Garcias candidacy, according to campaign finance records.

At the same time, the district swung 9.2 percent in Trumps favor, with the support of Cuban Americans and non-Cuban Hispanics. Biden still defeated Trump in the district but by a much smaller margin than Clinton did.

No-party candidate is a factor

Much mystery remains around the network of unknown candidates with no party affiliation (NPA) who ran in three competitive Senate districts, most notably in Senate District 37, where the third-party candidate netted more than 6,300 votes and likely influenced the outcome.

Voters in Senate Districts 9, 37 and 39 were targeted by similar-looking political mail ads funded by a mystery donor that aimed to confuse voters in an apparent effort to shave votes from Democratic candidates.

The mailers included messaging on issues that historically appeal to Democrats, and advertised the little-known candidates who did not actively campaign. The ads urged voters to cut the strings from party-backed candidates and to vote for third-party candidates.

In Senate District 37, Alex Rodriguez, who shares a surname with the Democrat incumbent, was promoted in dark money mailers as a candidate who would fight climate change, hold the police accountable and guarantee a living wage. He received about 3 percent of the vote.

Third-party or write-in candidates ran in eight of the 20 state Senate races. On average, those candidates got about 2 percent of the vote, making the vote count toward Alex Rodriguez well above average.

Both Rodrguez and Celso Alfonso, the no-party candidate who ran in District 39, were registered Republicans when they voted in the 2018 midterm elections. Both qualified as candidates the same day, with checks hand-delivered in Tallahassee and time-stamped within minutes of one another.

Both candidates' email addresses are Gmail accounts with identical patterns: first initial, last name, district number and 2020. They also have identical campaign finance records, both only reporting $2,000 loans to themselves, and used the money to pay for the $1,187.88 filing fee required of no-party candidates for state Senate.

A WPLG Local 10 report found t