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The momentary courses held by the Community Associations Institute are absolutely ineffective. They are only attended by very few selected board members. And the fact that the courses are mostly taught by people who have a financial interest is definitely not improving the situation. Many condo-owners are clearly upset that their money is used to pay a trade organization whose members are fighting any consumer friendly reform, but try to enact laws that will create even more dictatorial boards than we already have!

This has to change. There are many methods using todayís technology to create good education courses and reach a great number of interested people. Not only board members pay the $4 in the condo trust fund but as well unit-owners. Why are most of them not invited to participate in these courses?

And I donít know who figured out the cost of these courses! The person who approved it should take another course of Business 101. Despite Secretary Carr fighting for every dollar not to give to the newly created ombudsmanís office, she has obviously no quarrels to set aside $500,000 for these CAI education courses. What an absolute waste of good money! The fact that the money is there doesnít mean it has to be wasted.

This yearís contract ends in August. All parties really interested in good education courses should work on feasible solutions to create a better education system.

An education system that will serve more condo-owners.

An education system that will teach neighbors to be more neighborly and to live with each other and respect each other. Not a system that pushes enforcement and more enforcement creating even more lawsuits. The education should help to reduce the number of law-suits, not increase them! And the teachers should be neutral, without having a financial interest in mind!

Ormond Beach Condo Assn. Case Time Line

  •       1993-1995  Project build on the historical grounds of the Ormond Beach Hotel established in 1888. Three building, 155 units.

  •        1997 Owners fact finding Committee notifies Developer and Builder of numerous problems with the units. (24 major items!)

  •        1998  Developer transfers the Association to Owner control. Developer informs our attorney that he is not financially able to do any further repairs. No civil action filed!

  •        2000 Association obtains 5 recommendations for attorneys to represent us in this matter. Association spent $60,000 to apply a polyurethane coating under the mansard for roof leaks!

  •        2001  Association selects United Engineering Consultants to conduct a Building Condition Assessment. We have spent $860,000 to make our 3 buildings water proof. We have spent over $60,000 to patch spauling concrete beams in the garage area. Complaint filed for design and construction defects, code violations identified from the Building Condition Assessment.

  •        2003  We have spent $350,000 to water proof our walkways and balconies. We have had several Hydrogeology Consultants investigating why our storm water system does not work. The best estimate to fix this system to stop garage flooding is around  $500,000. 

  •        2005  As of March we have spent $1,923,758.00 to fix and repair defective items. And we are not done, it is estimated another $1,500,000.00 will be required to get our buildings ship shape.

What our legislators need to do is fashion into law PERFORMANCE WARRANTY BONDS for Developers and Contractors to protect owners from going through what our owners have been through.

Ken Hinkle

Ormond Beach