An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. 

Published October 13, 2008

I was under the impression that our real estate market and our economy are already bad enough. Many homeowners and landlords in associations are fighting for financial survival. For many homeowners the only option to avoid foreclosure of their home is to rent it out for the time being to make the payments -- not only for the mortgage but as well for the homeowners' association fees!

Renting out the home to make the payments has been one of the many suggestions made by financial experts to owners trying to avoid foreclosure. But that only works if you are not living in a homeowners' association like Hidden Lake At Boca Chase, where a board creates "APPLICATION PROCESS INSTRUCTIONS" that are plainly usury -- not a process to regulate rental of homes in the community. 

Imagine an association board charging $350 for screening an application? Not to forget that this application has to be submitted 30 days in advance.  Note: There is a $100.00 penalty payment if less than thirty (30) days notice and a copy of rental contract or lease has to be submitted with application.  I'm kind of wondering what business the association board has regarding the amount of rent etc. a landlord charges? And to add insult to injury a $1000 "security deposit" is required. Remember, this is a homeowners' association with single-family homes, not a condo building where renters can damage hallways, elevators, etc. Remember, in a HOA the deeded owner is financially responsible for any damages caused by a renter anyway.

Now you would think that for these high charges the board would throw in a copy of the governing documents and rules of the association for free? Sorry, not so that costs extra! 

If some of these board members don't get a life and return to reality, our economy and real estate market will continue to go down the drain! This is about as outrageous as it gets. Highway robbery is too nice a word to describe this!

What do some people think? Money grows on trees?


Application Process Instructions


For security reasons. the Board of Directors of Hidden Lake has enacted a Sales/Rental/Occupant Application process. The application process will enable the Board of Directors to maintain security and accurate roster of owners and renters in the community in case of emergencies or problems. In addition, the $1000.00 security deposit for rentals will be held by the BOA until the renter vacates the house and an inspection. is performed by the HOA to ensure community and resident premises have been maintained properly.


  1. Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the intended date of occupancy or closing. (Note: There is a $100.00 penalty payment if less than thirty (30) days notice.
  2. A copy of the Rental Contract or Lease must accompany the application.
  3. Please make the application fee check payable to the Hidden Lake Homeowners Association.
  4. Application fee: Renters*** $350.00 (Application fee + $1000.00 Security Deposit =     Total $1350.00
  5. Applicants may not occupy the premises prior to approval.
  6. Homeowners must have association maintenance fees current for application to he considered
  7. All applicants, occupants and! or guests are required to abide by 'the governing Association Documents as well as the Rules and Regulations. Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their occupants and or guests, including damages to the community. Accordingly, it is the homeowners responsibility to provide copies of all Association documents to the Applicant(s). The Association Board of Directors is committed to the enforcement of all policies, laws, roles and regulation, etc.
  8. If you may need any additional information or assistance. please contact the Community management Company (Davenport Professional Property Management, Inc.)
  9. The" Application Checklist" outlines required forms, details, forwarding and requirements.
  10. Incomplete application will be returned as required