Like A Pack Of Wolves



Still don't know what the CAI really is? Just read how they describe themselves! When we deal with CAI affiliated management companies, law firms, and contractors, we need to understand with whom we're dealing with.
As you read their web page, ask yourself what it is they're "hungry" for.

We homeowners couldn't have said it any better!

From the Website of the CAI Virginia Legislative Action Committee

Back the LAC Today!

Just One Letter  --  Just one.

The Virginia Legislative Action Committee (VALAC) needs you to convince just one company to join the LAC Pack.

VALAC is like a pack of wolves. No, not the wolves of your mother and father's childhood that feasted on Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. But, the real wolf pack. ever watchful, opportunistic and loyal and much more effective as a team. The "lone wolf" often goes hungry.

VALAC is comprised of community association leaders throughout the Commonwealth, all volunteers. Lobbyists have also been contracted (although they work for a small fraction of their actual costs). And to believe that the industry does not need paid lobbyists to watch over the General Assembly-late in the evening
or when a legislative alert is but a few hours old-is to think that grandma really has such big teeth and large paws.

VALAC has created three categories to recognize and list members of the VALAC Pack: $300+ [Leader of the Pack]; $100 to $299 [Alpha Wolf]; and $1-$99 [Beta Wolf]. There are benefits of being a VALAC Pack member. In addition to protecting your own "territory", The Loop, penned only by the VALAC observers in Richmond, allows you to "track" each legislative twist.
Members of the Pack also have their association or company web site path listed on our own site.

Convince just one company to join as a Leader of the Pack. I've done the math and it works. 
One is just.

  • Half of the time the Governor wants

  • Half of the green eggs with the ham, and he was at least willing to try

  • Two less than a threesome

  • One-sixth of a six-pack (for those of you working on six-pack abs)

  • What Lay's potato chips says you can't do

  • And the loneliest number, according to the band, Three Dog Night.

But, even they had three dogs. Dog. wolf. wolf pack. LACPack. It's all circular, you see. Sign one Member up before our January meeting and back the LAC! Leaders of the industry should be Leaders of the Pack.

Just one.