CORAL SPRINGS - For the first time in many years, change may be coming to the sprawling Ramblewood East condo community in Coral Springs.

On Monday, residents in the gigantic community of more than 1,000 units were voting on who would serve on the condo association board.

Althea James is running for one of the seats. "We need to take our community back," said James.

CBS Miami interviewed James last year. She and other residents brought their concerns and frustrations to CBS News Miami about how unresolved issues weren't being addressed.

Residents say the board did not hold regular meetings and they had questions about the association's spending activities.

There were also complaints about flooded parking lots, leaking roofs and spotty maintenance.

Inside the board meeting room Monday CBS Miami found an appointee from the ombudsman's office putting the ballots in order.

The man said he would be monitoring the election.

"What I hope we can do is have cooperation so we can make this community better for everyone," said James.

Resident Jonatton Gonzalez, who has been vocal about problems in the community, went to Tallahassee to testify at a legislative hearing on proposed condo law changes.

He says he hopes a new board will do a structural analysis because he worries about the integrity of the buildings.

CBS News Miami tried once more to talk to the association president who has been in charge for 14 years.

We have not heard back.