JACKSONVILLE — It's one of the premier luxury condos in downtown Jacksonville, however a resident at Berkman Plaza says his experience has been anything but luxurious.

Nearly 3 years ago a pipe burst on the 10th floor of Berkman Plaza and created massive damage in Nick Rosado's 8th floor condo. Rosado is still trying to get his condo repaired and says the condo board is standing in the way of the repairs.

Rosado bought his Berkman Plaza condo in 2005 and loved owning a property near the Jaguars stadium, but he says the burst pipe was just the beginning of his problems with Berkman Plaza.

"This is where the water leak started," said Rosado pointing to the ceiling, "it travelled all the way from here to the master bath and in the walls."

Nearly 2 years ago Rosado was renting his Berkman Plaza condo when his tenant arrived to the property to see water pouring from the ceiling and down the walls. First Coast News initially covered Rosado's issue with Berkman Plaza on February 18th, 2022.

"it was really very unsafe to live here," said Rosado in 2022.

Imported wood flooring had to be ripped out. Pictures show that pipes between his floor and the floor below appear to be corroded. And that's when his troubles continued.

"We peeled off a couple cabinets and it's everywhere," said Rosado, referring to mold in the walls and under the floor.

"When you aired this 2 years ago we got a letter directly from the association that we had to get this remediated," said Rosado.

The letter that Rosado received from the condo association gave him 10 days to remediate the mold and was dated March 2nd, 2022.

But it wasn't until July 21st, 2023, more than a year later, that he received a notice that his plan to remediate the mold was denied by the association. One of their reasons was because Rosado said 90 percent of the condo needed to be remediated.

"No one deserves this type of treatment, 3 years of enduring something that was not our fault, no fault of our own related to this leak," said Rosado, who was similarly frustrated when the original First Coast News story aired in February 2022.

"It almost feels like we're being bullied because we spoke up," said Rosado in 2022.

Rosado said that he's never missed an HOA payment in his nearly 2 decades of ownership despite his HOA dues increasing to more than $1,100 per month for a condo that no one can live in because of mold that he's not yet allowed to remediate.

When First Coast News reached out to the property management of Berkman Plaza we were referred to their attorney for future comment.

As of publication of this story that attorney has not returned multiple phone calls over the past week.

Meanwhile Rosado hopes the condo association will let him make repairs to his condo.