BOCA RATON — A Boca Raton Condominium Association is taking the rare step of suing at least two homeowners for making claims against the association and its leadership that it claims are untrue. In filing the suit, the HOA/COA listed the specific allegations that it says are incorrect.

According to the suit filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, the Boca Grand Condominium Association says that at least two homeowners who spoke at a public meeting were so wrong that it was libelous and slanderous when they claimed that President David Rosenberg and Pr78i9perty Manager Naomi Ehrlich conducted illegal activity by hiring Rosenberg’s brother for construction; that Rosenberg’s brother received a $1M contract without seeking bids from other vendors; that Ehrlich receives kickbacks from third party contractors; that Rosenberg uses Association staff for personal services; that Ehrlich and Rosenberg are engaged in an inappropriate relationship; and that Ehrlich uses Association time to manage another property.

The separate but seemingly identical suits, filed against Tammy Baruch and Denise Arena, seek in excess of the statutory minimum of $30,000. By filing suit, Ehrlich and Rosenberg may have to prove every item that they claim is untrue is, in fact, untrue. We note that the suit is filed and paid for by the Boca Grand Association, not by Ehrlich and Rosenberg.

Read the complete filing, below, as filed with the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts.