MIAMI-DADE COUNTY – Several residents at a Miami-Dade County condo community have come forward, concerned for their safety.

Floors are soaked, there is water dripping from the walls and even from underneath a smoke detector.

There are structural cracks, exposed rebar and a corroded water valve in disrepair.

Those are just some of the structural concerns leading Miami-Dade County officials to deem multiple buildings unsafe at the Jade Winds condos on Northeast 191st Street.

Resident Vanessa Ortiz told Local 10 News it comes as no surprise.

“I can’t sleep, I can barely eat,” she said.

The young mother said she’s been complaining to management for months.

“A big chandelier just fell from the roof,” said Ortiz.

A notice posted on residents’ doors states the complex failed its 50-year re-certification.

“I just keep thinking of the Champlain Towers people and I wonder if somebody told them, ‘oh you’re good for now. It’s unsafe, but it’s not unsafe, you guys don’t have to leave.’”

Management did not want Local 10 News on premises, so reporter Christian De La Rosa called multiple numbers trying to reach them, but could not get a hold of anyone.

“You are always wondering if they’re doing what they’re supposed to do and follow through with it, it makes you worry,” said Ortiz.