County Tells Condo Residents To Get Out

Article Courtesy of WPLG Channel 10
Published April 15, 2005


Residents of a 543-unit Miami Beach condominium are being kicked out of their homes today. At 10 a.m. the city is cutting off power to the Castle Beach Club.

Some residents didn't receive notification that they would have to leave until Thursday afternoon, when they saw bright orange stickers posted on the building, informing them that the structure was unsafe.

Other residents got the word Thursday when Miami Beach police knocked on their doors, telling them the county's building department had condemned the Castle Beach Club due to an electrical problem, which created a problem for all units.

Some residents are upset with the board of directors, claiming it has been using monthly association fees to renovate a portion of the building that is a hotel.

"The electrical is unsafe. The plumbing is unsafe. The structural is unsafe and they have not maintained this building the way they should have," said one resident.

Residents said they didn't know when they would be allowed back.

Stickers posted on the building say that the building department is taking action against the building's owner.