Condominium Governance Committee Update

Published 10 - 31 - 2003

The House Select Committee on Condominium Association Governance is traveling the state in a series of public hearings to give the public an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding condominium governance.  The Select Committee, Chaired by Representative Julio Robaina (R-South Miami), will review current laws regulating the governance of condominium associations to identify any improvements in those laws that might be recommended.

Among the specific concerns aired at the public hearings in Miami and Broward were many related to public record law violations, misappropriated funds, unnecessary repairs, cronyism, and fraud allegedly perpetrated by condominium associations.

Chairman Robaina is pleased with the public turnout at the meetings which numbers in the hundreds.  However, he is concerned at the number of serious complaints leveled at condominium associations.  Robaina said many condo owners claimed the state has failed to take substantial action when responding to complaints.  He is concerned that condo owners are not receiving the assistance they need to address the issues regarding condo association boards.  Citizens are particularly concerned by the timeliness of response and follow-up by the state to complaints. 

Assisting the Select Committee at the public hearings are officials of the Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes Division of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) who are busy documenting complaints.

After completing its state-wide public hearing schedule, the Select Committee will issue a report prior to the beginning of next session outlining any recommendations for legislation consistent with the committee’s conclusions.