Residents at Orlando condo complex face eviction due to unpaid water bills

Article Courtesy of Channel 9 -- Orlando

Published October 17, 2012


ORLANDO , Fla. — People who live in an Orlando condo complex could soon be kicked out of their own homes.

The Orlando Utility Commission is about to shut off water to The Village on Crayrich Circle because the complex isn't paying its bills. And if the water is shut off, no one will be allowed to live there.

Some residents said this is not their fault. People who have paid their monthly bill to the management feel this notice that their water will be shut off in a week isn't fair since they've paid their portion.

People who haven't paid their fees said they don't plan to until new management steps in. A water notice has pitted neighbor against neighbor at the Village condos.

OUC plans to shut the water off to all 120 units in one week because of a $12,000 bill. If it's not paid, and the water is shut off, the condo association said the county may force residents to move out.

Ann Tucker lives in the Village and works in the management office. She said the reason is twofold. She tells WFTV nearly half of the units are in foreclosure and the banks aren't paying fees. The other reason some just quite paying.

Phyliss Scott, a former association board member, is one of those people who haven't paid her dues in years. Management said she owes $10,000. She and other homeowners haven't paid because they question where previous funds have gone.

Several homeowners are fighting a legal battle to have a third party handle the dues and payouts.

"Another company they run the association and clean us up," said Scott.

WFTV tried to contact the property manager who is also the board president, but he didn't come to the door and has not returned a phone call.

Homeowner Kevin Souder, who's paid his bills, is afraid time may be running out.

"I'm out because of course I have a mortgage payment here and my tenants out because she won't have anywhere to live," said Souder.

The homeowners trying to get a third party to take over the dues will be in court Thursday. If a judge grants a third party. the homeowners said they plan to pay their back fees to management.

If not, residents said they plan to stay as long as they can without water.

Renters and homeowners have taken it upon themselves to try to come up with the $12,000 owed to OUC. So far, they have raised $7,000.