OUC cuts water at troubled Orange County condo complex

Article Courtesy of News 6 Orlando

By Mark Lehman   

Published October 22, 2015


ORLANDO -- Hundreds of residents in the Tymber Skan on the Lake Condominiums were notified on Monday that water service will soon be shut off at their homes.

Orlando Utility Company and Orange County Code Enforcement workers went door to door in sections 1 and 3 in the complex. With a deputy escort, they told residents their water would be turned off on Nov. 9.

"The association fees have not been getting paid, so OUC will be disconnecting the water," said a code enforcement worker.

OUC said the complex has accumulated more than $100,000 in unpaid debt.

"That don't seem like it's fair to us, because we're paying the bill and our water's still getting cutoff," said resident Randy Burke.

While many individual families have been paying their utility bills, OUC said the Condo Owner's Association has not. In 2014, an agreement was reached to avoid a cutoff, but payments stopped several months ago, according to OUC.

"If they cut the water off, eventually you got to go. That's just throwing you out," said Burke.

Once the water service has been turned off, the county's code enforcement may determine the homes are no longer habitable, according to OUC.

Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin said residents affected have options for relocation provided by Orange County.

“We knew this day was coming, but it does not lessen the impact on my constituents in Tymber Skan," said Siplin. "The tenants are left with the consequences of poor management and neglect by the individuals responsible for Tymber Skan properties.”

At the request of Siplin, OUC delayed their disconnect deadline for a week to allow affected residents more time to seek alternate housing and resources.

County workers provided residents with a hotline to call for assistance.