PALM HARBOR – Robert Sawyer finally doesn’t have to worry about navigating around a utility pole in his assigned condominium parking spot.

He and neighbors turned to Better Call Behnken for help after years of trying on their own to get the pole removed. Days after Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken pointed out just how close the pole was to the disabled man’s truck, the pole was finally removed.

“One call to Shannon and it took care of the problem, and we appreciate it 100 percent,” Sawyer said.

The pole was owned by Duke Energy. Sawyer says he has hit the pole with his truck several times, as have several of his neighbors, because they don’t see the pole at night in the dark.

Residents convinced Duke to help months ago. Duke’s cables were moved to new poles but Frontier Communications had not moved theirs, so Duke couldn’t remove the pole.

Sawyer says he kept calling Frontier, but technicians kept saying they couldn’t help.

They knew they’d Better Call Behnken, and we called Frontier. Within hours, we were told the cables will indeed be moved.

A spokesman sent this statement:

“A work order to re-locate our network cables off of the Duke Energy pole was issued last week. We estimate we will complete the work needed no later than the end of August.”

Days later, Frontier removed their lines and carted away the pole.

“I really appreciate your help, and I know it would have never happened if we hadn’t called Behnken,” said Shirley Poehlman, a condominium board member.