“Entitled” Transplants To Boca, Delray, Unhappy With Closures

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

Published September 5, 2019

BOCA RATON — has heard from several HOA management companies that they are being verbally assaulted by recent transplants to the area who can’t understand why pools and clubhouses have been closed, tennis and pickle ball courts have been locked, trash pickup is suspended, airports are closed and other services have been curtailed.

The tipsters are calling out the complainers (our word) who say they’re paying for services that they are not receiving, and don’t understand why their services are being stopped if a hurricane isn’t actually hovering above the area.

“These are people who came from the land of snow,” said one rep. “It’s amazing that they can’t comprehend the potential seriousness of a hurricane or even tropical storm. They are elitist and entitled, and quite frankly just not smart. They are upset that their HOA gates are opened and that it could take days for operations to be returned to normal.”

Throughout Boca Raton, Delray and Boynton Beach, clubhouses are often closed in storm-like conditions as they are used to store pool equipment and other potential projectiles. Other services are curtailed so — quite simply — no one gets injured.

“I had one person demand a refund of their HOA dues,” said a tipster. “If I’m not getting my services,” they said, “I’m not paying.”

Various state and local ordinances require community gates to be opened once warnings or watches are issued, trash collection to be stopped, and various other services to be curtailed.

“People see ads on airplanes for the sun and fun of South Florida communities,” said a rep. “They just don’t understand that it’s the real world here and sometimes the real world gets in the way of the permanent vacation they believed they were buying.”