Car tires are being slashed in a Cape Coral neighborhood

Article Courtesy of  NBC Channel 2 Miami

By Joseph Ojo

Published May 24, 2019

CAPE CORAL - Neighbors living at the Coral Cove Condominium in Cape Coral are getting their tires slashed one by one.

It's happening on Four Mile Cove Parkway. Cape Coral police have responded to a number of tires slashed, and even one car theft.

One neighbor said even after fixing a tire for over 200 dollars, the next day that tire was punctured again.

The Cape Coral Police Department have been investigating the flat tires, but neighbors are wondering what can be done to prevent the individual or individuals from striking again.

Cape Coral Police say your best defense is just to report any type of suspicious activity in your community. You can also install surveillance around your home and also form a neighborhood watch.

The manager of the condominium complex where the tires were slashed, did not want to comment.

No arrest has been made and Cape Coral Police are still investigating.