Operator pulls out of Brickell condo’s disastrous robotic parking garage

Article Courtesy of The Miami Herald

By Nicholas Behemas   

Published January 15, 2016


Never send a robot to do a valet’s job.

The company that built and ran the disastrous robotic parking garage at a luxury Brickell condo has pulled out of its contract after declaring bankruptcy.


New Jersey-based Boomerang Systems asked a federal judge to cancel its agreement with the Brickell House condo association late last month. Judge Mary Walrath, who is supervising the company’s bankruptcy, agreed to the request in an order dated Dec. 21. Walrath also said that a new company could take over for Boomerang.

Developer Harvey Hernandez told buyers that Boomerang’s innovative robotic garage would make parking at Brickell House a breeze. Instead the robots were overwhelmed, especially during the crush of rush hour, causing long waits for impatient residents.

The garage has been shut down for months. Residents have been valeting their cars or parking at nearby garages. The condo association is offering $135 monthly credits to offset the cost. Most garages in the area charge at least $150 per month, plus a one-time initial fee.

Hernandez did not return a call asking when the Brickell House garage might reopen.


A hand-written note says that Brickell House’s robotic parking garage is shut down in this Nov. 2015 file photo.