Palmetto Place residents show support of HOA in COVID dispute with couple

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 12 News

By Paxton Boyd

Published January 12, 2021



BOCA RATON — As CBS 12 previously reported, a Boca Raton couple filed a lawsuit against their condo association that includes claims of unlawful imprisonment, invasion of privacy, negligence and more.

Steve and Nancy Iscowitz claim Palmetto Place deactivated their key fobs in an attempt to force the couple to quarantine in their unit for two weeks after they had tested positive for COVID-19 in July.

The Iscowitzes, who also claim the association violated their trust by publicly disclosing their positive tests, are seeking damages in excess of $30,000.

The condominium association continues to decline comment on the matter, however, many residents are now taking it upon themselves to come to the defense of Palmetto Place.

“The residents in the lawsuit who are claiming that Palmetto Place revealed that they were COVID-19 positive is simply not true," says a press release on behalf of several residents. "The building, similar to any community or workplace, will notify its members of a COVID-19 positive person. They do not send names of the positive individuals as it is against privacy guidelines. However, the community is alerted so that residents can properly safeguard themselves."

The statement, which contains quotes from four different residents, suggests Steve and Nancy Iscowitz's claims that they were forced to quarantine against their will are untrue.

"Key fobs are issued to residents to get between floors and to access the gym and the pool," the release continues. "However, you can always leave your unit, either through the elevator or via the stairwell. If residents do not want to quarantine in their unit, they always have the option to leave and quarantine elsewhere.”

Randi Fibus, an at-risk resident who received an organ transplant in 2005, went a step further.

“If the few people that have these complaints have a problem living here they should probably move somewhere else where they’re happier," says Fibus. "Most of the people who live here are very happy and very satisfied with the way the building is run.”

Fibus says the staff goes out of their way to make accommodations in order to keep the building safe for at-risk residents, such as herself, and residents who have tested positive for COVID-19.

“The rules are very, very strict for our safety and for health reasons," says Fibus. "I feel so safe living in this building. It’s run like a five-star hotel. Everything is maintained and the security and the people who work for the building look out for every single resident.”

The statement issued by residents says staff and management also make arrangements for those who test positive for COVID-19, or may have been exposed, by catering to their food and medical needs.

Palmetto Place -- home to 244 families -- is located in heart of downtown Boca Raton.