Rage-fueled CPA turned sleepy condo complex into sober complex

Article Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post

By Christine Stapleton

Published October 31, 2015


A year after an FBI raid, Ken Bailynson – a CPA known for explosive outbursts of rage – is continuing his efforts to take over Green Terrace, a shabby condo complex where Bailynson once housed more than 125 recovering addicts in the more than 30 units he owned and called Good Decisions Sober Living.


Bailynson has not been charged with a crime. A multi-agency task force headed by the FBI raided Good Decisions on Sept. 11, 2014 – confiscating files, computers and boxes of evidence from a unit Bailynson converted into an office and the complex’s clubhouse near the pool.

Since early 2014 the task force has been investigating allegations of insurance fraud, patient brokering and kickbacks in the county’s $1 billion substance abuse treatment industry.


Why Bailynson wants to take over Green Terrace, an 84-unit complex in West Palm Beach that was built in the 1970s, isn’t known. When asked about his plans on two occasions, Bailynson launched into profanity-laden verbal attacks on a reporter.

Residents recalled Bailynson was quiet when he began acquiring units in 2011. However, after he created Good Decisions and began moving recovering addicts into the community, he became loud and verbally aggressive. Some residents, worried that Bailynson’s outbursts would turn physically violent, began recording the outbursts on their cellphones.

Several of the remaining unit owners at Green Terrace are now suing Bailynson and the condo association, claiming money was misappropriated and that Bailynson stacked the board of directors with friends to whom he gave condos. The board also took out a $1.5 million loan from a company created by Bailynson. The loan carries a 24 percent interest rate and is secured by units owned by the association.

In September, Bailynson filed to foreclose on 10 units after the association failed to make it’s $30,000 monthly mortgage payment.