Miami condo pools can reopen Monday. Virginia Key, public pools will follow June 8

Article and Video Courtesy of The Miami Herald

By Joey Flechas

Published June 1, 2020



Miami’s municipal government plans to allow pools in condos and apartment buildings within city limits to reopen Monday, with public pools and Virginia Key following one week later.

Pools have been closed under emergency orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez had previously stated that the city would be following Miami-Dade County’s plan to reopen pools Monday. City Manager Art Noriega is expected to sign an emergency order this weekend that would make the policy official. Under the anticipated order, the city’s public beach on Virginia Key and pools in city parks would reopen June 8.

Some confusion arose this week after Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez signed an emergency order allowing private pools to reopen across the county. Cities are permitted to implement stricter regulations than the county or state. The city of Miami has typically taken longer than the county to reopen businesses and public facilities and spaces, taking a more conservative approach.

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Heading into the weekend, condo associations in and around Miami’s downtown were awaiting word from the city on whether Monday was the day. A staffer for Commissioner Ken Russell, who represents downtown, told at least one condo association that administrators an order issued Wednesday was supposed to have language regarding pools, but it was mistakenly left out.