Residents upset over piles of trash in their condo complex

Article Courtesy of  Channel 12 News

By Yaremi Farinas

Published February 1, 2019

WEST PALM BEACH — Trash that hasn't been picked up has local residents disgusted.

A CBS12 News viewer reached out to us for help to get something done about overflowing trash in their neighborhood.

After making some calls, we were able get someone out to Belvedere Isles to pick up all the trash because for some living there, all that garbage was posing a health hazard.

Daceney lives in the first-floor corner unit just steps from where everyone dumps their trash.

“This garbage here it’s been here about almost two weeks now,” said Ketty Daceney.

Now every time she walks outside she sees trash scattered all over the ground.

“It’s troubling to me because I have health issues respiratory problems,” Daceney said.

And she isn’t the only one fed up.

Residents upset over piles of trash in their condo complex.


“This is crazy it should not be like this because a raccoon might soon be in our apartment ,” said Hyacianth Stewart, Belvedere Isles resident.

On Monday CBS12 News called the company that manages Belvedere Isles.

Team Community Association Management said the maintenance man notified them last week the trash compactor was broken.

The company said it then called the hauler, Waste Pro, which told them they are not responsible for replacing the compactor because its owned by a company called Pak Rite.

Waste Pro told CBS12 News it emptied the compactor last Wednesday and told the property managing company to fix the machine. Waste Pro said they offered to leave a temporary dumpster, but the property managing company never got back to them.

Fast forward to Monday, Waste Pro responded to the subdivision after CBS12 News called the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority.

They picked up the trash and left residents breathing a fresh sigh of relief.

Waste Pro also added a dumpster, since the property managing company still hasn't resolved the compactor issue.

The company said they notified Pak Rite and are trying to get the compactor fixed.

Keep in mind if you have a trash problem and you live outside city limits, report it to the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority.