South End resident reports four home intrusions but nothing stolen

Article Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post
By Ian Cohen  

Published February 21, 2018

A South End resident reported several break-ins at her condominium over the past eight months that caused at least $750 in damages, police said.

The woman told police through a friend about four break-ins at her Oasis Palm Beach condominium at 3120 S. Ocean Blvd.

Her friend went to the police station to make the reports because she was out of town.

The woman sent an email saying she reported the break-ins to the building manager. She added that a copy of her key was left with the condominium staff, and that the only name written on the log that documents who enters her apartment was her housekeeper.

The woman also wrote that the building manager never questioned the building’s staff and the building’s video footage was never checked, police said.

Here are the four intrusions listed by the woman: Her refrigerator was left open and her thermostat was changed during the week of June 22; the kitchen counter was covered with dirt, her sugar bowl was broken and her refrigerator and freezer were left open during the week of Aug. 30; the office and hallway lights were left on, the shades were pulled up, furniture was moved and the thermostat was adjusted during the week of Nov. 2; and a caulk gun and pieces of caulk were left in her apartment during the week of Jan. 18.

The woman had to fix her refrigerator and freezer, police said, costing $750. The building manager told the woman her furniture was moved and the shades were pulled up during the week of Nov. 2 because a staff member tried to rescue a contractor who was left on a scaffolding outside the condominium after 4 p.m, police said.

The woman had no explanation for the caulk gun since no work should have been done in her home, she wrote.

No arrests have been made.