The Ormond Heritage Condominium courtyard resonated with music on Sunday, April 12, as residents stepped out on their balconies and joined together in song.

They used to have monthly social events before COVID-19, said condo Board President Jerry Cutter. They sat around, talked, danced and played music.

“We’re 156 apartments, and the only time we can get together is when we have a get-together," he said.

With social distancing guidelines in place because of the pandemic, the board got creative. Resident Janie Waters organized a sing-a-long featuring Board member and musician Rich Ryan, and the song lyrics to "You Are My Sunshine," by Johnny Cash were distributed in the complex.

Ryan, a violin player for over 30 years, had played at the Heritage's socials before. But never like this.

“Never outdoors," Ryan said. "Never on Easter and never with social distancing being observed. This is a whole different deal.”

Joining him were local musicians Philip Levy, Trienah Meyers and Dan Walters, all of whom assembled in the courtyard, and sang up to the residents on the balconies. Board Member Pat Sample getting together like this made sense.

Rose Declerco and Robert Nickerson wave from their balcony at the Ormond Heritage Condominiums

“We all have to stay separate, and this is a way we can separate, but be on our balconies and be together," she said.

Why did they choose "You Are My Sunshine"? Ryan said it's because most people already knew the words.

“By golly, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ would be a nice sentiment in a time like this," Ryan said.